Two Preschool BoysWe have a strong commitment to honouring diversity.  Our diversity statement is to express principles of professionalism with the understanding that early childhood education for a bias free society must respond to the needs of all young children living and growing in diverse communities.

Chelsea Green Children’s Centre is committed to the inclusion of every child into our programs. We express our commitment through the following belief statements

  • Quality programs which are child-centered, play-focused and responsive to the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of each child;
  • An appreciation of, and respect for, varying child-rearing practices and to the role of the family and the cultural milieu in shaping the development of each child;
  • A belief that while English language learning is both necessary and desirable for young children, it must be offered to supplement, not supplant, a child’s first language;
  • A conscious effort to facilitate learning through bias-free curriculum planning and implementation;
  • A conviction that bias-free attitudes, knowledge, and skills, which are developed during the critical formative years, will serve ultimately to combat intolerance, bigotry, prejudice and racism;
  • A belief that all children will benefit from bias-free education – as their understanding, appreciation and respect for diversity expands and enhances their view of the world.

Adapted from:  Early Childhood Education for a Multicultural Society, by Gyta Chud and Ruth Fahlman with Reena Baker and Patricia Wakefield.

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