About Us


We are a non-profit, charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers from the community. We are licensed by the Ministry of Education.

Chelsea Green Children’s Centre began in 1986 as London Adult Learners’ Children’s Centre in G.A. Wheable Secondary School with two classrooms and a licensed capacity of 15 Toddlers and 16 Preschoolers. Initially the Centre provided child care to the children of adult students through a Ministry of Education, Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Citizenship and Culture initiative.

  • 1998: A second location for the children of adult ESL learners was opened at Empress Public School.
  • 1995: We outgrew our space at G.A. Wheable and moved into our current building at 250 Thompson Road. This new Centre was licensed for 20 infants, 30 Toddlers and 64 Preschoolers.
  • 1996: We were awarded the Margaret Fletcher Award by the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario in recognition of the innovation and excellence in the quality of the Early Childhood Education program provided.
  • 1997: The Skill Centre Child Care opened in collaboration with WIL- Counseling and Training for Employment at 141 Dundas Street with 15 Toddlers and 24 Preschool children.
  • 1998: Now at three locations, we changed our name to the Chelsea Green Children’s Centre.
  • 2001: The Dundas Street Infant program was opened with 20 infants.
  • 2003: A Preschool Program was initiated at Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre for 16 children, as well as a program for ten infants called Infants@Skill, adjacent to the Market Lane in downtown London.
  • 2006: Chelsea Green Children’s Centre celebrated 20 years of providing quality Early Childhood Education programs in the London Community!

Over time, as parent’s needs have changed Chelsea Green Children’s Centre has welcomed all families from the London community who require quality child care to participate in our programs.

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