Toddler Care

Toddlers (18 to 30 months)

At Chelsea Green we are proud of our child-centred program. It is designed to help children learn and develop their skills and build relationships in a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Drinking MilkWe believe that toddlers need activities that stimulate and challenge their development. They increasingly want to do things for themselves and we encourage them to do so. They need the opportunity to explore using all their senses, and time to practice skills as they find independence. Toddlers still require many one-on-one interactions with Educators to guide them in coping with emotions, frustrations and practicing co-operation and sharing.Our Toddler Educators are warm, responsive and patient.

Chelsea Green Children’s Centre has two toddler classrooms, each licensed for fifteen toddlers cared for by three Educators. Toddler’s daily schedule is structured so children can follow a predictable pattern throughout each day and know what routines to expect. Our Educators focus on language development and helping Toddlers express their feelings and emotions by modelling and giving children the words to use throughout the day.Toddlers spend the day singing, listening to stories, finger plays and rhymes as well as exploring sensory opportunities, for example water, sand, and goop. Time is spent in creative activities practicing with paint and brushes,markers,crayons, scissors and glue. Toys are rotated on a weekly basis to ensure children are challenged. Outside play is often a favorite for Toddlers where they can play, run, explore and climb in our large playground.


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