Preschooler Care

Preschoolers (31 months to 5 years)

At Chelsea Green we are proud of our child centred program. It is designed to help children learn and develop their skills and build relationships in a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Girl with ArtworkChildren learn through play. It is essential that the environment be full of interesting, developmentally appropriate activities that allow children to explore, practice and master a variety of skills. Each child grows and develops socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in a unique way. Activities are chosen to benefit and challenge the skills of each child, so they may progress as far as individually possible.

We have two vibrant preschool classrooms at Chelsea Green. Each classroom is licensed for 24 preschoolers cared for by three educators. Within the classroom each educator has a group of eight children in their primary group. Children move throughout the day in these primary groups for lunch, transitioning outside and to other activities in the Centre. Preschoolers follow a more structured schedule with specific times for eating, sleeping, and playing. We provide interesting developmentally appropriate activities that allow each child to practise and master a variety of skills. Our Preschoolers learn decision making and negotiating skills as they play and interact with other children.

Preschoolers have the opportunity to visit our “Atelier” or Art Studio in small groups where they take part in more focused creative projects with the guidance of our Art Educator. Children learn art concepts through experimenting, inquiry and creating with different materials such as clay, wood, wire, pastels and paints to name a few. The children talk about their creations and experiences which are documented for others to see.

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